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About Marmaris:

  • As a result of its geographical setting-situated where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet one another- Marmaris is an important port and coastal town. It has thus acted as a stage where events between Aegean and Mediterranean countries were enacted. The jagged shores of Marmaris and the surrounding area, its well-protected coves and harbors faciliated relationships between Asian, European and African countries.
  • Marmaris splits the Mediterrenean Sea and the Aegean Sea with a long and narrow peninsula. Marmaris Peninsula has always been an important part of the history of the Mediterranean Civilization with its strategic geographic position and its natural beauty and rich past.
  • The most beautiful bay of the Turkish coasts, or more bravely, of the whole Mediterrenean-Gökova, is to the west of Marmaris on the west coast of the peninsula in Aegean waters. The east side of the peninsula faces the Mediterrenean and lays as two strips. Forking as Datça on one side and Bozburun on the other side. These are in Mediterrenean waters.
  • Marmaris is a place sheltering many of these landscapes, seas and civilizations. The old trade ships are replaced by yacths with colorful sails decorating the modern marinas and by comfortable passenger ships. Airport traffic is heavy. Tens of thousands of people from numerous countries, different nations come for their vacations. Marmaris is one of the most attractive touristic places in our country.
  • We suggest you a travel plan linked to Dalaman Airport as it is the nearest airport to our beautiful city Marmaris. Dalaman Airport is 90 km to Marmaris.


Marmaris Castle: The castle is believed to have been built by Ionians, was repaired on Büyük İskender’s Times and was restored and widened by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in the time of Rhodes expedition (1522). Submerged around Marmaris is exhibited in the museum in castle. Also, it is possible to watch a wonderful Marmaris panorama at nights and afternoons.

Tashan and Kemerli Bridge: Taşhan(Muğla Road 10km) and Kemerli Bridge was built by Knuni Sultan Süleyman.

The Tomb of Sariana: The tomb honors a saintly lady who, according to history came to the aid of Kanuni’s hungry troops with milk. She’s famous for her prophecy. She predicted victory of the expedition. When Kanuni took a positive answer, he decided to start his expedition.

İbrahim Aga Mosque: It was built in 1789 in Kemeraltı district by İbrahim Ağa. The big dome attracts attention for its architectural point of view.

Paradise Island: It’s 30 minutes far from Marmaris. It’s actually a peninsula and the peninsula is covered with forests.

Cleopatra Island: It’s simply stunning, white silky sand and clear crystal water said to be carried from Egypt by Anthony as a token of his love for Cleopatra. The island is near to Marmaris. It’s just a short drive and 15 minutes boat trip.

Fosforlu Cave: Boat tours to Turunç and Kumlubük visit this cave frequently. It has phosphorescent colored walls and a blue-green seawater that youwill be amazed inside.

İcmeler: It’s 10 km to Marmaris. İçmeler is one of the best picturesque places you have ever seen. There are touristic services, a beach and entertainment places in İçmeler which you can enjoy yourselves.

Turunc Bay: It lies literally at the end of mountain road, a coastal village that has managed to retain both character and charm. With little traffic and real village atmosphere, it makes for a wonderfully secluded destination. The sand and shingle beach at Turunç Bay is continually the proud holder of the Blue Riband, the annual award for the cleanest sea water and beaches in Turkey. Its shallow rake makes swimming both easy and safe and the watersports – from windsurfing through to scuba diving- present more actively inclined visitor with plenty of options. It also has facilities, guesthouses and arbor restaurants.

Kumlubuk: It’s 6 km to Turunç and it can be reached by boat. Kumlubük offers a scattering of restaurants along the waterfront. These cater for passing yachts in the evening and visitors from Marmaris at lunch times.

Ciftlik: It can be reached with two hour boat trip by sea. It’s a bay which especially tours choose to stay. It has voluminous sand beaches and pergola restaurants. The village which has a small island in the bay is preferred by the people who go safari tours by jeeps.

Gunnucek: It’s 2 km to Marmaris. Günnücek is a forest that consists of Günlük trees(Liquidamber orientalis) which can be rarely seen around the world. A special oil is obtained from that trees and this oil is used in chemistry and cosmetics.

Yalancı Bogaz: It’s 8 km to Marmaris. Yalancı Boğaz is a place where yachts are made. It has a huge marina with smart restaurants and entertainment places.

Turgut (Waterfall): Turgut Village is 35 km to Marmaris and the waterfall is 15 km walking distance to Turgut. The height of the waterfall is 10 m. There are restaurants in the waterfall and turkish women make delicious Turkish meals. It’s really cool to be in the waterfall in hot Marmaris days.

Bozburun: It’s 50 km to Marmaris. It’s a calm bay with small but good quality restaurants and establishments. It’s famous for its honey and hand made Meditterranean ships. The ships are used for blue cruises. Also there’s a thousand-year-tree which is one of the oldest trees in our country. 26–28 October are the days of International Bozburun Gulet Festival.

Kervansaray: It’s a structure that is built of stone. It’s covered with arch which was made in 1545 in Ottoman Times. It has 7 small rooms and a big room. Today there are shops in there.

Bedesten: Bedesten is the earliest examples of shopping center in history. Valuable belongings, silk and cloth were sold and bought in Bedesten. It’s our both individual and cultural historical heritage. Bedesten is important for Marmaris with its modernized style with architecture and touristic features. You can buy Famous Turkish hand made carpets, antique of Anotalian Culture, breath the historical atmosphere and drink Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, herbal tea in its courtyard which has a mystic ambiance.

Yachting: Marmaris is a natural bay which has a capacity of 1100 yachts of 3 marinas and 1200 yachts of 9 yacht slip place. Festivals are arranged in order to improve yacht tourism because Marmaris is on the focus of blue cruises. We can say that International Yacht Festival and International Marmaris Yacht Competitions are the important activities of Marmaris.

Archaic Cities Around Marmaris

Physkos, Loryma (Bozukkale), Cedrae, Hydas, Erine, Castabus (Pazarlık), Saranda (Söğüt), Bybassios Euthenna (Altınsivrisi), Dalyan (Caunos), Pamukkale (Hierapolis), Ephesus, Afrodisias.

What to Do in Marmaris

  • Water and saloon sports.
  • Trekking, canyon climbing, hill climbing.
  • Jeep safari, mtorcycle, bicycle and horse riding tour.
  • Daily boat tours.
  • Blue cruises.(boat trips).
  • Diving points and tours.
  • Magnificent night entertainments.
  • Marmaris cuisine for unforgettable tastes.
  • To make the most of sun and sand in wonderful beaches.
  • Archaic places around Marmaris are famous in the world history so you will also be close to history.
  • Marmaris Castle and the museum inside it can be visited.
  • Ahmet Urkay Museum is 10 km to Marmaris which consists of information about the world and Türkiye history.